The Challenge


Vistajet are one of the world’s fastest growing private aviation companies with the largest wholly owned commercial fleet outside the Americas. Their Bombardier fleet is popular with high-profile clients and celebrities. Ahead of FIFA’s 2018 World Cup bid, David Beckham was invited to fly to South Africa to meet the FIFA.

President and Vistajet was the private jet company he chose to fly with. Toast PR were tasked with co-ordinating the PR around Beckham’s flight on Vistajet from Farnborough airfield and to maximise the Beckham opportunity and secure a strong piece of credible national press coverage in a key audience title.

How did we help?


Toast PR identified that the photo would be crucial to the success of the story. Working with an experienced professional photographer, they ensured that the brief was clear. The photo should look natural and ‘unposed’ yet Vistajet’s branding should remain in-shot.

Toast PR worked closely with the photographer to ensure the end image provided, met with this strict criteria. Once Toast PR were satisfied they had the right image, negotiations began with media. After identifying the titles that matched Vistajet’s customer profile, key contacts in the industry were contacted. Toast PR and

Vistajet eventually settled on an exclusive with The Times newspaper.

The Times exclusive was chosen in order to give the client the most control over where the image would be used, something that they were concerned about (as celebrity pictures can be used in a negative way if not controlled).

It was also crucial to negotiate a large picture story with branding visible in shot and a caption which included the brand name; and an exclusive gave Toast this bargaining power.

The Results


The exclusive route paid off with a full page lead story in the Times the following day including a visible brand logo on the jet with the caption, “Playing on the wing: Beckham boards a Vistajet aircraft from Farnborough, Hampshire”.

Vistajet received record hits to their website and credit the story with bringing them a significant increase in awareness of their brand.